Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Next Generation

Here are a couple of pictures of the latest banjo to emerge from the IDI workshop. There are 3 new features on this one that I'm really excited about, and will be including as standard features on the next few stock banjos I make. Serious acoustic and electric tonal improvements!
#1 - Alder body with a hard(er) wood top (in this case, Tigerwood). This also means that the carved, integral tone ring is made of Alder/Tigerwood.
#2 - Custom, cast bronze tension hoop. Locally cast for IDI, nice and heavy for great tone!
#3 - Circuitry includes the "Fat Knob" (or SPC), this is a powered EQ unit made by EMG which boosts mid frequencies, while cutting lows and highs. This makes the single coil pickup feel a little more like a humbucker and really helps the banjo cut through the mix. Use the knob to dial in just the right amount (or none at all!).
 For more pictures and details visit the website at iandavidsoninstruments.com

1 comment:

  1. I saw this played live at Sweetwater, and it's a beauty! The inlay on the fret board is just spectacular! Keep up the great work :)